FLASHBACK: Liberals Started Rioting Right After Trump’s Election, Even During His Inauguration


I have had enough of the left pretending to have some moral high ground when it comes to political violence. After the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday, there are several Democrats calling for Trump to be “removed from office” despite having nothing to do with what happened.

Nothing at all.

The Democratic Party has zero moral high ground on this issue. They’ve done nothing to quell the violence and unrest on their side, which started right after Trump won the presidency.

The media won’t bring this up, but in the aftermath of Trump’s election in November 2016, the left began protesting—and those protests typically ended in violence.

“For the third night in a row, anti-Donald Trump demonstrators took to the streets in several big cities and on college campuses across the United States, including an outburst of smashed windows and a dumpster fire in Portland that police countered with pepper spray and flash-bang devices,” reported USA Today just days after Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton.

Roughly 4,000 protesters gathered in downtown Portland the Thursday following the election, chanting  “We reject the president-elect!” before heading over to Portland’s Pearl District, “where the windows of several businesses were smashed.” A local news station said, “The protest was mostly peaceful until demonstrators met with an anarchist group, after which demonstrators vandalized buildings, kicked cars and knocked out power.” – READ MORE

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