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FLASHBACK: Just 18 Percent Of Democrats Said Bush Won ‘Fair And Square’ In 2000 Election


Gallup polls conducted after the 2000 election show almost a third of Al Gore voters refused to accept Bush as the legitimate president just one month before his inauguration, and an overwhelming majority of Democrats refused to say Bush had won fairly.

ost-election Gallup polling shows 74 percent of Gore voters said it was”unfair” that Bush won the electoral college without winning the popular vote.

Almost 70 percent of African-Americans said they felt “cheated” by the election’s outcome, and 40 percent said they would not accept Bush as the legitimate president. Just seven percent of African-Americans said Bush won “fair and square.”

Among all Gore voters, 31 percent said Bush “stole” the election. That rate rose to 50 percent among African-American voters. 49 percent of Democrats said Bush “Won on a technicality.” Just 18 percent of Democrats said that Bush “won fair and square.” – READ MORE

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