FLASHBACK: Bill Maher Joked About Bill Clinton’s Visits To Epstein’s ‘Sex Island’


It appears that former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with infamous alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is quickly becoming one of those “rumors” that people seemed to know about to the point of joking about it publicly.

Take HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher, for example. Maher apparently joked in 2015 about the former president’s alleged trips to what he called the “sex island,” where Epstein and his pals would have sex orgies with underage girls following a trip aboard the “Lolita Express.”

“Hillary’s emails? I want to see Bill’s: Hey, Epstein, gas up the plane, let’s go to Sex Island! I want to be b*lls deep in Russian wh*re soon!” Maher tweeted in March 2015 at the height of the Hillary email scandal, as the 2016 presidential campaigns were just beginning to take effect.

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Saturday by authorities for alleged sexual abuse and trafficking of teenage minors. “An indictment alleging sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy was unsealed Monday morning against Epstein,” reports Fox News. “Prosecutors alleged that Epstein preyed on ‘dozens’ of victims as young as 14.” – READ MORE

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