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Flashback: A Year Before ISIS Somali Stabbing, Minnesota Gov Told Diversity Skeptics To Leave


A Somali man inspired by the Islamic State viciously stabbed nine people in a mall attack Saturday, nearly a year after Democratic Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said residents who don’t love diversity should get out of the state.

The attack, perpetrated by Dahir Adan, took place Saturday evening at a mall in St. Cloud. Adan arrived in the U.S. 15 years ago and was attending St. Cloud Technical and Community College.

An off-duty police officer managed to shoot and kill Adan, who had stabbed nine people, including a woman and a teenage girl. Shortly after it was all over, ISIS claimed responsibility, saying Adan was a “soldier of the Islamic State.” 

The city is home to a large Somali community, and incidentally, it’s also the same city Dayton delivered his now infamous speech – READ MORE

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