Five Out Of Seven New Seats Go To ‘Red States,’ After Reapportionment Following Census


In breaking news, red states have gained five of the seven news seats in Congress, after a reapportionment based on the 2020 Census.

Texas has gained two seats, while North Carolina, Florida, and Montana gained one seat. Oregon and Colorado also gained one seat.

California, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia all lost one seat.

“The process of redrawing America’s political maps has begun. The Census Bureau kicked off the year-long redistricting scramble with its announcement of congressional reapportionment, changing the number of House seats each state will have for the next decade,” reported Politico, adding that the actual Congressional maps won’t be redrawn until later in 2021 at the very earliest.

“But reapportionment amplifies the long-term shift in population and political power from northeast to southwest, which began in the middle of the last century. States like Texas and Florida continue to add seats, while New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio shed them,” Politico added. – READ MORE

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