Five or six doses? Controversy over Pfizer vaccine vials


The US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which is manufacturing the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Germany’s BioNTech, now considers each vial contains six doses compared to five previously.

The difficulty in obtaining that sixth dose in practice means many countries are at loggerheads with Pfizer and facing a drop in supply.

– How many doses ? –

Until recently, each vial of the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine was considered to officially contain five doses.

After being thawed, the contents of each vial are diluted with 1.8 ml of saline solution, creating a total of 2.25 ml of injectable solution. With each dose 0.3 ml, in theory there are just over seven doses.

But theory and practice are different. Medical personnel are unable to measure so precisely the doses to get seven doses they can inject into people.

But the found they could — with the right equipment — reliably get six doses out of the vials.

Both EU and US regulators now consider that the vials contain six doses and have authorised the use of the sixth dose.- READ MORE

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