Five Million Dollar Bust: Vaccine Lottery Sees 68% Jab Decline


Poor Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D-California) just can’t catch a break.

That’s mostly because he’s an incompetent, grasping boob — but who would have thought even he could screw up a multimillion-dollar giveaway to get people vaccinated?

The number of weekly vaccinations in Colorado dropped by more than two-thirds between the start and end of the state’s vaccine lottery, following nearly the same trajectory set in the weeks before Gov. Jared Polis announced the $1 million drawings.

Plus: “In the week ending July 4 — the last with data on the state’s vaccine dashboard — only about 49,000 people got a shot.”

Imagine a lottery with an astoundingly good 1:49,000 chance of winning a million dollars…

…and now imagine that even those odds didn’t move the needle on vaccination rates.- READ MORE

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