FILTH: Algae turns Rio pool a strange color


A diving pool at the Rio Olympics turned green Tuesday when algae entered the water, stunning athletes and spectators.

The water in the diving well at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre had been blue on Monday, but reportedly changed hue overnight. Strangely, water in an adjacent pool remained blue, sparking plenty of debate on the internet.

Officials said that the water was tested and posed no risks to athletes.

Rio spokesman Mario Andrada said the green was caused “by a proliferation of algae.”

“This was because of heat and a lack of wind,” he said. “We did all the chemical tests.”

The pool’s color quickly became a topic of conversation on social media. “Wait is someone playing a joke or are we celebrating St Patty’s Day early here in Rio?” tweeted U.S. diver David Boudia Tuesday. – READ MORE

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