Fidel Castro’s Historic Propaganda Affiliates (the Mainstream Media) Suddenly Upset Over “Fake News.”

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Entire books have been dedicated to thoroughly documenting the mainstream media’s long, lucrative and gleeful partnership with the Castro regime’s KGB-trained propaganda apparatchiks in spreading (genuine) fake news. Given current bandwith constraints, let’s limit ourselves to a couple of the most outrageous examples:

After strolling down the red carpet Cuba’s Stalinist regime so often throws down to welcome NBC ‘s Andrea  Mitchell, this “intrepid reporter” frequently interviews a Cuba-based  “health expert” named Gail Reed. Ms Mitchell always introduces Reed as “the international director of the nonprofit group Medical Education Cooperation.”

Perfectly true. But let’s see if some trifling items regarding this favorite NBC (and CNN ) guest’s backgrounds  just might tinge their commentary, just might make a judicious person suspect her of disseminating “fake news,” – READ MORE

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