Fidel Castro’s grandson flaunts lavish lifestyle on social media as average Cuban lives on $30 per month


When Fidel Castro’s grandson decided to flaunt his family’s wealth on social media, some people in Communist Cuba were not amused.

Florida media accessed the photos, which show Tony Castro sipping champagne in a fancy restaurant, celebrating Christmas in Madrid, posing in front of glitzy city skylines, lounging on a yacht and driving his BMW. One of the pictures from July 2018 shows him in Barcelona, Spain, touring the area around the La Sagrada Familia, the famed unfinished Roman Catholic church.

The jet-setter is “a regular visitor of Spain, which maintains a bilateral relationship with the Caribbean communist government,” The Guardian reported.

The 20-something’s love of fine dining, expensive clothes and world travel are a stark contrast to the lifestyle of the average people in Cuba, where basics like bread and eggs are considered luxuries.

“All this in a nation where the average salary barely exceeds $31 per month,” the news website wrote.- READ MORE

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