Feminist Website Publishes Attack On Kanye’s ‘Trash Politics’


In a recent thought piece for the left-leaning website Jezebel, noted feminist and “Accidental Virgin” chronicler Ashley Reese attacked Kanye West for his recent musings on Twitter.

In her piece, titled, “There Are No Excuses for Kanye West’s Trash Politics,” Reese rips into Kanye for tweeting out multiple videos of right-leaning pundit and “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams. She also shows no tolerance for Kanye’s recently tweeted support for Turning Point USA Communications Director Candace Owens.

Reese writes, in part:

Today alone, West tweeted multiple videos of his own computer screen as he watched Scott Adams—Dilbert creator, Trump stan, men’s rights activist, and prick—marvel at the ways in which West is helping people break out of their mental prisons. To top it all off, Ivanka Trump is following West on Twitter (it’s unclear when that started), and Donald Trump Jr. has been liking West’s recent tweets. Cool.READ MORE

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