Feinstein Set Up Timid Christine Ford; Leaked Her Confidential Letter To Force Sham Kavanaugh Hearing


There is little doubt that both Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh were manipulated for political reasons. Pawns. Each.

By professionals.

Ford’s testimony Thursday proves the likelihood she was manipulated to a large degree. Say what you want about Ford and how she presented herself, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Democratic Senate forced the hearing. Against Ford’s wishes.

Ford’s flighty personality and timid demanor are in fact the perfect attributes a seasoned D.C. political operative would exploit. We’ll pay for everything, just tell your story. Don’t worry, we’ll protect you. Oh, your name was leaked to the media but it’s not a big deal. Hey you have to go to a hearing in D.C. but it’s no big deal. Trust us. We’ll get some charity funds for you too. You’ll make money from this. Just trust us. Not a big deal. You want to tell your story, don’t you? We’ll pay for everything.

This is how The Swamp works.

And Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer and cohorts didn’t care whether Ford and Kavanaugh were harmed or had a nervous breakdown. They simply wanted the circus hearing at all costs. Even if that meant destroying two people and their families.

These are evil people pulling the strings in D.C.

If Ford had a breakdown on camera or Kavanaugh lost it, that’s just part of throwing your hat into the ring in D.C. So you want to write a confidential letter detailing how you believe a candidate for the United States Supreme Court molested you? And you want to keep that confidential?

Good luck. Feinstein will find the nearest television camera and make you a reluctant star du jour and toss you to the political waste bin after you have served your purpose.

The truth is always somewhere in the middle. Neither Ford nor Kavanaugh are truly bad people. Americans get lost in the media and political frenzy and treat these folks like arch enemies who need to be destroyed.


We lose sight that these are two human beings; two Americans.

It’s a game to divide the country.

You’re being manipulated too.

We all are.


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