Feds now targeting Epstein ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell in sex probe

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And now Ghislaine Maxwell has a giant target on her back.

Now that pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is dead, the 57-year-old socialite is the last one standing in a wide-ranging probe into sex-trafficking of underage girls among the great and the good.

The British publishing heiress was the fiendish financier’s longtime friend, companion — and according to court documents, his main procurer and “pimp”.

Multiple sources have said Maxwell — a former Epstein girlfriend — would recruit and groom the girls for the billionaire sicko.

One woman claimed that the statuesque heiress also participated in sex romps with the young girls.

“If I were drafting an indictment against her, it would be the same conspiracy to traffic in underage minors,” former federal prosecutor David Weinstein told Associated Press. – READ MORE

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