Federal judge grants preliminary injunction in 3D-printed gun case


A federal judge in Washington state ruled Monday that the government needs to keep in place a ban effectively blocking a Texas-based company from posting online plans for 3D-printed firearms, ruling that the Trump administration likely cut too many corners in its decisions.

U.S. District Judge Robert S. Lasnik extended his ban, first issued late last month, saying concerns about public safety and a potential spate of downloaded plans outweigh Americans’ First Amendment rights to post the files online.

“Plaintiffs have a legitimate fear that adding undetectable and untraceable guns to the arsenal of weaponry already available will likely increase the threat of gun violence they and their people experience,” Judge Lasnik, a Clinton appointee, said in his 25-page ruling.

He said the case raises complicated questions about whether computer files can be protected speech — but said for now he presumes Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed, has a First Amendment right to publish the blueprints. But he said that is “dwarfed” by the potential harm. – READ  MORE


While Speaking With Fellow Senate Democrats Against 3d Printed Guns, Sen. Ed Markey (D-ma) Described 3d Printer Cartridges As Being “as Deadly As A Gun Cartridge.”

Markey referenced firearms without serial numbers — calling them “untraceable firearms” — then referenced “purely plastic firearms,” which he described as “firearms … [that] will pass through metal detectors without a blip, a buzz, or a bell that it is going on.”

He said the “online availability of downloadable firearms is a public safety crisis.”- READ MORE

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