Fearing More Dirt, FBI Director Wray Starts Moving the Chess Pieces to Remove Andrew McCabe


FBI Director Christopher Wray knows there is more bad news about his deputy director Andrew McCabe on the way, FBI sources said.

“He (Wray) may just let it play out before making a major move,” one FBI source said. “I think what is happening now is a negotiation where McCabe puts his papers in, takes his vacation and anything that is coming to him time wise and doesn’t return (in 2018).”

Or Wray could fire McCabe. At any time.

FBI sources said Wray acknowledges that certain media with solid sources in the FBI’s Washington D.C. headquarters are preparing to print additional revelations about McCabe’s tenure in the hierarchy of the FBI.

At the same time, Wray is not someone who makes knee-jerk reactions on personnel simply because the media is preparing potentially negative stories, sources said.

FBI sources told True Pundit weeks ago that McCabe was on “borrowed time” at the FBI.

Now Wray would seem to agree, sources said, while he and other FBI brass await the next shoe to drop.

Trump blasted the FBI texting scandal in the below video on Friday.

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