Fearing Its ‘Heavyweight’ FBI Sources, Congressional Dems Smear True Pundit; Say News Site Helped Cause Election Defeat of Hillary


You won’t read better comedy than this today.

True Pundit is now being blamed for Hillary Clinton losing the election. Oh yes, and Julian Assange too.

Apparently two perennial Clinton puppets in Congress also want to know True Pundit’s sources in the FBI because the are simply too damn good and therefore, by Swamp thinking, something illegal must be at play.

And we pay these court jesters to come up with this type of sophomoric, nonsensical narrative.

Or perhaps some folks in D.C. are just a little on edge?

Welcome to the way journalism used to be and always has been at True Pundit.

The Democratic Congressmen today tried to portray True Pundit as a “fringe” news site but if our information on the FBI is so damn good — and coming from high-placed sources in the Bureau — what is the new definition of “fringe?”

Perhaps the fringe label is what now happens when a news site does its homework and gets stories right, instead of publishing fake news like today’s MSM.

From Politico, one of the favorite Deep State house organs:

Amid broader complaints about the Justice Department’s interactions with Congressional Democrats, the letter from Nadler and Cummings specifically focuses on whether articles published last year by the “fringe conspiracy website True Pundit” might suggest anti-Clinton bias at the FBI.

The letter suggests that True Pundit — an anonymously written pro-Trump website — received information from FBI agents frustrated with the agency’s handling of the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server. They ask Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions whether the information provided to True Pundit may have influenced the FBI’s decision to reopen the Clinton investigation a week before the election.

True Pundit published multiple stories last year claiming that the FBI did not bring charges in the Clinton case because senior officials there supported her campaign. The site claimed to have sources inside the government.

By fall of 2016, True Pundit had attracted the notice of the FBI’s most senior officials. New emails released by the FBI, in response to a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act request, show that the bureau’s deputy director, Andrew McCabe, forwarded to then-director James Comey an Oct. 26 True Pundit story which insinuated that McCabe’s wife had been paid by Clinton’s political allies to boost a failed 2015 bid for Virginia state senate.

“FYI. Heavyweight source,” McCabe wrote to Comey. (Comey demurred, saying that the leak appeared to come from “lower-level folks.”)

In the end, we are here at True Pundit thanking Congress and the Deep Staters for the free publicity.

And if we did help sway the election, well that would be something to tell the grand kids about.

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