Fearing False Accusations, Men Are Asking Women To Create ‘Consent Videos’ Before Sex. Feminists Are Not Happy.


Thanks to the excesses of the #MeToo movement, sexual encounters have morphed into an episode of South Park. In the midst of an otherwise romantic night, gals, you might be asked to create a so-called “consent video” so your understandably petrified partner can cover his behind against any future false accusation leveled against him.

A consent video is exactly what it sounds like: a woman telling a camera lens that she is fully onboard with having sex with so-and-so once the record button is turned off.

And they say romance is dead.

According to a recent article from the Evening Standard, consent videos are becoming a popular trend in the world of hook-ups. Writer Rachel King recalled a recent night she spent with a man she knew fairly well at his London flat. At around 3:30 a.m., while she “sat astride him,” the man grabbed his phone and asked her to make a consent video – READ MORE


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