FDA Expands List Of Dangerous Hand Sanitizers To Over 100


The US Food and Drug Administration’s list of potentially harmful hand sanitizers has now been expanded to a whopping 100+.

Warnings first surfaced in June, at which point less than a dozen were named. This after an explosion of new, cheap sanitizers hit the market following an initial run on alcohol-based sanitizing cleaning products in March, when coronavirus lockdowns took effect.

Initially the FDA’s warnings were focused on products that are potentially toxic when absorbed through the skin, given some contained methanol. This makes the sanitizers possibly deadly if swallowed as well.

“We remain extremely concerned about the potential serious risks of alcohol-based hand sanitizers containing methanol. Producing, importing and distributing toxic hand sanitizers poses a serious threat to the public and will not be tolerated. The FDA will take additional action as necessary and will continue to provide the latest information on this issue for the health and safety of consumers,” the agency said previously.

But the hugely increased list topping 100 is due to most of the new additions containing insufficient levels of alcohol, making them ineffective against the virus and germs. – READ MORE

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