FBI’s Wray Attacks Trump in Angry McCabe-Like Tirade


One of the top FBI insiders is eager to spill the beans on what is unfolding inside the Bureau but he doesn’t like to talk in front of his spouse who is not in the FBI.

He’s eating breakfast but he has more on his plate to discuss beyond eggs and oatmeal.

Ironic. That’s just the way old-school Feds are. Discreet. Mostly to protect their loved ones from carrying the burden of Intel and some secrets that can often turn folks to the bottle — or worse — to cope. The new breed of agents/politicos would sell out their own mother for a pay bump. Or brunch at the Mayflower.

Look at a guy like John Brennan and you’ll get the point.

On this day the topic is FBI Director Christopher Wray. The irony of Wray has many leaders in the FBI bewildered. It’s ironic because he was touted as a reformer but lately he is resembling James Comey and in many ways Robert Mueller.

“Maybe that was the whole point,” the FBI veteran says.

Wray has also been channeling his inner Andrew McCabe lately too.

The tip-off was when Wray snapped last week and attacked President Trump, saying he was tired of “Trump and his bullshit.” Wray lost his cool after his agents threw tantrums about missing one paycheck during the government shutdown. Instead of telling them to buck up and hit their credit union for a bridge loan, Wray went the other way — telling his agents that Trump was playing political football with their careers.

“It was embarrassing. I was embarrassed for the Bureau, for what it should represent,” the insider said. “For what it used to represent.”

No one told Wray that complaints only run up a flag pole when you lead an Intel agency. You never bitch and moan with the rank-and-file unless you’re drinking at a wake.

And placing the government shutdown squarely on the shoulders of Trump — at best — seems patently unfair, especially from the director of an agency which is supposed to espouse fairness. But that’s merely a Dick Wolf television fantasy. Lady Justice’s blindfold fell off long ago. The FBI is a liberal organization and like it or not: Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, and that cartel will always get a pass from the politicized FBI.

Ask Roger Stone.

Wray went to the trouble of recording a video for agents, telling them that the shutdown was unfair to the FBI and asking agents to work for free was likewise unfair. But behind the scenes, Wray was blasting Trump. (Wray, of course, made no mention of the 20+ extra hours many FBI agents work unpaid per week on a regular basis BECAUSE overtime is rarely paid.)

There is irony in these words as they match the rhetoric between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. But, more alarming, they border on Andrew McCabe’s anti-Trump rhetoric of “F*ck Flynn then we f*ck Trump” from January 2017, days after Trump took office.

And that is just what the FBI did.

And while many in the FBI — who are apparently on the edge of financial ruin after missing a single paycheck (based on Wray’s tirade) –applaud Wray’s outspoken criticism of Trump, just as they cheered McCabe’s tirades — there remains a small chorus of Feds who do not.

The problem is that this is and will remain a small chorus — who know they have to remain in the shadows or they will be missing much more than one paycheck.

Wray was touted as a reformer, the savior of a corrupt and politicized FBI. Fiction.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Possibly worse.

Thomas Paine

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