FBI’s Strzok and Page Profess Anger at “Mourning” the Loss of James Comey’s “Vision and Greatness” After His Firing


Sounds like the FBI’s Peter Strzok an Lisa Page were quite angry about the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Perhaps very depressed as well.

But FBI agents as supposed to be non-partisan, apolitical.

This newly released text exchange between the FBI duo certainly makes a hard case for treating President Trump without contempt while they worked on the Trump Russia investigation months later.

Strzok: “Having a tough time processing tonight, Lis. Feeling a profound sense of loss,” Strzok texts after Comey’s firing.

Page: “I feel that same loss. I want to see what the FBI could become under him! His vision of greatness for our strong but flawed organization. I’m angry. Angry and mourning.”

This story is developing.

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