FBI’s McCabe & Strzok Laughing at ‘News Story’ About Their ‘Scheduled’ Arrests


FBI insiders said the best joke of the weekend came not during the televised Oscar’s but a less-than-thinly-sourced story circulating that Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok would be arrested Tuesday.

One thing is for sure: Neither former FBI official is worried about getting arrested anytime soon, according to Bureau colleagues who worked with the duo.

“I know they both got a good laugh out of that story,” one top-level FBI insider and former close colleague of McCabe and Strzok said. “They’re packing thier toothbrushes right now I bet. Very comical.”

The rumor circulated on Twitter and was picked up by a media publication with a beyond-haphazard track record on National Security reporting.

Another Justice Department insider responded:

“It doesn’t even make any sense, logistically,” the Justice source said. “Why would you indict both simultaneously? You presumably would charge a subordinate first and see if they implicate bigger fish in exchange for a deal.”

Strzok worked for McCabe at FBI.

This IS how the Justice Department and the criminal-case food chain works, despite what you might have read on the internet.

If McCabe and Strzok are not concerned about indictments, where is U.S. Attorney General William Barr?

Perhaps he is laughing too.

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