FBI Probing Las Vegas Shooter’s Video of Massacre; Reportedly Sent Live Feed Offshore


Not only did Stephen Paddock capture the chaos inside his Mandalay Bay hotel suite on video, but now FBI officials are looking to see where he streamed the live footage.

FBI sources said the Mandalay Bay shooter may have used the hotel’s WiFi or hard-wired internet backbone to stream the footage offshore.

FBI sources would not divulge what international locations they are targeting.

Paddock has been linked to wiring hefty amounts of US funds to the Philippines, Australia and possibly the Middle East, federal law enforcement sources said.

Paddock used excessive Mandalay-Bay internet bandwidth during his multiple-day stay in the resort’s suite, FBI sources confirmed.

FBI sources said they also confiscated Paddock’s captured video feeds as part of evidence after the shooter apparently committed suicide.

This story is developing.

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