FBI: James Comey Allowed McCabe to Run the FBI’s Clinton Foundation Probe Despite Conflicts of Interest, Deceit and Lies; No One Was Prosecuted


As FBI Director, James Comey allowed Andrew McCabe direct oversight of the Bureau’s Clinton Foundation investigation even after the now-fired deputy director was removed from supervising the Hillary Clinton email investigation for improprieties, according to high level FBI officials.

McCabe ran the FBI’s probe of the Clinton Foundation even after he recused himself from the Clinton email probe on Nov. 1 2016, and after his wife, Jill accepted over $1.25 million from Hillary-backed political bundlers to run for a senate seat in Virginia.

While Comey, who was fired from the FBI’s top post, has slammed President Trump in his new book and on his publicity tour, it was Comey who failed to remove McCabe from investigating the charity’s alleged sweeping fraud.

No one has ever been prosecuted despite the hundreds of millions of illicit dollars involved.

Even after Comey discovered McCabe and FBI agent Peter Strzok concealed evidence in the Hillary email investigation for weeks before the 2016 election — in an apparent attempt to help clear the Democratic presidential candidate of criminality — Comey did not remove McCabe from directing the charity fraud porbe, sources said.

“Now you’re seeing the real underbelly here of the Comey era,” one FBI official said. “He can sell books but he couldn’t run a clean Bureau.”

Did McCabe slow walk the Clinton Foundation investigation just as he tried to sabotage the email probe days before the election to favor Hillary?

FBI sources said it certainly looks possible.

Just months before the election McCabe instructed subordinates on how to proceed with the Clinton Foundation probe, sources said. His instructions included directions to not make a lot of noise that might draw attention or alert the media about the probe. FBI agents were to tread very lightly, sources said.

But why? Those stipulations make little sense to men and women at the FBI tasked with investigating any case.

But this, again, falls directly back to Comey. During an executive FBI meeting on Oct. 27 2016, Comey removed McCabe from a conference call at the request of FBI Counsel James Baker. The subject matter involved Anthony Weiner’s laptop and the Hillary emails and after McCabe was kicked out of the conference, it was also about McCabe. Specifically, how did he sit on damaging Hillary evidence for weeks, evidence that forced Comey to publicly announce the FBI was reopening the Hillary Clinton investigation?

All hell broke loose after that announcement. It changed the election and likely, history.

Yet after all these events, Comey still allowed McCabe to run the investigation of the Clinton Foundation. At that point the investigation into the charity was a year old, yet yielded very little prosecutable progress.

“They (Comey and McCabe) were never committed to the Clinton Foundation investigation,” one FBI agent said. “Comey was in left field and McCabe lied to him constantly with false updates and briefings. It is hard to know exactly what he told Comey about the progress but you can bet it wasn’t true.

“Comey never followed up either and checked to make sure the investigation was on track. McCabe was running the investigation and running Comey. There never was a serious look at the Clinton Foundation. Agents were on a leash.”

Perhaps that was the point. McCabe had already tried to sandbag the Hillary email investigation. Why would he do differently for the Clinton Foundation investigation?

Clinton Foundation officials have long denied any wrongdoing, saying it is a well-run charity that has done immense good. Yet the paper trails show hundreds of millions of dollars unaccounted for and perhaps secured illegally, absent internal controls. Moreover, many of those millions were likely secured in a sophisticated pay-to-play scheme between Bill and Hillary while she serves as Secretary of State and her husband was racking up excessive speaking fees from countries and private concerns doing business with Hillary’s State Department.

Despite what FBI agents believe was overwhelming proof of illicit activity, Justice Department prosecutors who were supervised by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates said there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute the Clintons for charity fraud, money laundering, or even simple wire fraud. McCabe had found solidarity with Yates’ team.

FBI agents refused to stand down and kept turning over rocks in the Clinton Foundation probe. Until a few months before the 2016 presidential election. According to sources, on Aug. 12 2016, a senior Justice Department official contacted McCabe to voice displeasure at finding that New York FBI field agents were still openly pursuing the Clinton Foundation probe during the election season.

Sally Yates, directly or indirectly, had spoken. Again.

“Justice was fucking steaming,” one FBI official said. “The message was drop the case or sit on it until after the election.”

The pitfall with putting the case in mothballs was the clock was ticking on the statute of limitations, normally five years, on many of the alleged financial crimes agents were pinpointing in the Clinton Foundation probe. A delay of months would nullify much evidence, rendering it useless.

From what we now know, that certainly was the goal.

Unless you ask James Comey, who allowed lies about the FBI’s biggest investigation to stand and steer the probe’s course, unchecked.

Perhaps Comey’s ‘Higher Loyalty” was to the Clinton family.

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