FBI: Body of Woman Thought to be Cremated Was Likely Sold in Body Parts Ring; Remains Were Fake


A Dallas family says they learned their mother’s ashes may not truly be hers, following an investigation into the sale of body parts in Colorado.

Kayla Lyons lost her mother Doris in February 2017 and made sure she had a loving goodbye. Doris’ ashes are buried at the family plot in Oklahoma.

“There was always that comfort knowing that she was there,” said Lyons.

At least, that’s what she believed for the past 14 months.

“Now to find out that I can’t go and talk to my mom, because it’s probably not even her!” Lyons said.

Doris lived in Dallas and died after complications following a fall on a trip to Colorado. Her family arranged her cremation with a funeral home outside Durango.

“He said, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll take really good care of your mom. She’s in great hands,'” said Lyons. “‘We’ll be really gentle with her.'”

Lyons believed they were, until her phone rang last Thursday.

“He identified himself as an agent of the FBI in Grand Junction [CO], and he asked if I had signed any type of paperwork authorizing her body to be donated, and I said ‘Absolutely not.'” said Lyons. “That’s when he told me ‘I regret to inform you we have receipts showing where your mom’s body parts have been sold.'”

Lyons says she learned her mother was cremated at a different facility, Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors, in the town of Montrose, several hours north of Durango.


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