FBI: April 2020 Sets Record for Firearm Background Checks


FBI figures show April 2020 witnessed more firearm background checks than any April since the inception of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), in 1998.

According to the FBI, there were 2,911,128 background checks conducted in April 2020. The closest any other April came to that figure was in 2019, when 2,334, 294 NICS checks were done.

April’s surge in background checks followed a March that shattered all one-month records. Breitbart News reported March 2020 witnessed 3,740,688 background checks, which were the most checks conducted in any single month since the inception of NICS.

The March and April surge came amid an unprecedented run on guns and ammunition during the issuance of coronavirus shutdowns, coupled with doomsday scenarios with civil unrest. – READ MORE

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