FBI Agents: We Didn’t See Any Video Footage of Paddock Taking Guns To Mandalay Bay Suite


If FBI brass was trying to bury the alleged investigation into the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre, that task just got much harder.

According to FBI sources with direct knowledge of the FBI probe of the Oct. 1 deadly shooting, federal agents have not seen any surveillance video showing alleged gunman Stephen Paddock loading up his hotel suite with rifles and ammunition.

“No one has seen that on the video we were provided by MGM,” a FBI source said. “Vegas (PD) has looked at the same video. Paddock is on surveillance video but the guns are not. He’s not carrying bags or cases with rifles.”

How did more than 12 assault rifles get into Paddock’s hotel suite then?

FBI sources noted that there could in fact be video proof of Paddock transporting a dozen guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition to his 32nd-floor hotel suite in Mandalay Bay but MGM Resorts International, who owns the hotel, could be hiding the video.

“They (MGM) control the surveillance video,” one FBI source said. “I have never seen that in any other case. We (the FBI) control the physical evidence.”

Paddock supposedly stayed as a guest at Mandalay Bay for several days prior to his alleged role in the rampage which gunned down over 500 people, including 58 who were killed. Yet, FBI sources show no video of him transporting guns to the 32nd floor?

Another mystery in what has become a bizarre national cover-up on many levels of the massacre.

Previously, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has not told the truth about the gunshots fired by his SWAT unit after breaching the hotel door of accused shooter Paddock, according to a high-ranking insider from the Clark County District Attorney’s Office.

Lombardo for weeks, along with FBI officials, claimed no shots were fired and Paddock killed himself. Then Lombardo admitted a gun was fired by Las Vegas Metro after entering Paddock’s room, essentially backing True Pundit’s original story that detailed shot(s) were indeed fired by SWAT.

While backtracking, Lombardo called the gunshot an “accident,” however.

“He’s a liar,” the DA source said of Lombardo. “This is one of the premier SWAT units in the United States. Other police departments pay to train with them here (in Las Vegas). They do not accidentally fire weapons. That is pure fiction.”

If a SWAT officer fired his weapon in Paddock’s hotel room it was to subdue or kill Paddock, the DA insider said.

Lombardo changed his story a week after True Pundit, On Oct. 24th, published audio from Las Vegas Metro SWAT. The audio provided a raw and chilling feed from Las Vegas Metro SWAT and confirmed officers did engage in gunfire after breaching Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel suite, directly contradicting FBI and police claims that Paddock killed himself.

According to the audio, Paddock was likely gunned down by LVMPD’s elite “Zebra Unit” SWAT force. A SWAT officer code named “Zebra20” and apparent leader of the team’s strike force who led the raid on Paddock’s Mandalay Bay suite reported on police radio that one member of his team did open fire inside Paddock’s room.

“We have one SWAT officer that did fire,” the SWAT strike force team leader said, according to the audio transcript.

Zebra20 then reported no other people were injured during the breach, alluding Paddock was the sole casualty.

“We just have one suspect down at this point in time,” he said.

The events which unfolded during the Oct. 1 massacre per LVMPD’s Zebra Unit SWAT force directly contradict the official narrative delivered since the shooting by Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo and the FBI’s Aaron Rouse who heads the Bureau’s Las Vegas field office.

Previously the DA insider called Lombardo a puppet of the FBI days after the Mandalay Bay massacre. That label seems to have proven somewhat prophetic now weeks after the tragedy.

The DA insider said Rouse reports directly to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who is running point on the Las Vegas shooting probe. Rouse, who for years worked under McCabe in the Bureau’s Counterintelligence Division in D.C., was appointed to the Las Vegas post by ex-FBI director James Comey in 2016.

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