FBI Agent Levinson Found Alive in Iran; FBI Director Wray & VP Pence Block Hostage’s Rescue by Intel Operators


Bob Levinson is alive in Iran, according to a group of former military and Intel operators who planned a privately-funded rescue attempt to return the hostage to his family after 11 years in Iranian captivity.

But the FBI and State Department blocked the efforts to rescue Levinson. And Vice President Mike Pence too, according to insiders.


This is a recurring theme, first detailed in the new book PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas where it is detailed the FBI under director Robert Mueller, intentionally sabotaged the efforts of FBI agents who were seeking to secure Levinson from Iran.

Now, FBI brass appointed by Mueller and James Comey continue to block efforts to rescue Levinson. And the State Department has joined to block a private rescue attempt of Levinson, along with Pence.

The FBI malfeasance and corruption continues on Christopher Wray’s watch. Levinson has been a hostage in Iran now spanning three U.S. presidencies.

But why?

This is an old play right from the FBI’s playbook.

The U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller — former director of the FBI — failed to act on intelligence confirming al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was in Iran for years after 9/11, according to explosive revelations in a new book blowing the roof off the Deep State.

Mueller was FBI director spanning the time bin Laden had been tucked away in safe houses in Iran with his family. But Mueller ignored intelligence from well-placed informants that bin Laden was in Iran, according to PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas.

During the same time that FBI executives were sitting on the bombshell information about bin Laden’s whereabouts, Bob Levinson mysteriously disappeared in Iran in 2007. Even after Levinson’s capture in Iran, FBI executives still took no action to act on intelligence pointing to bin Laden’s residency in Iran.

Instead, under Mueller, the FBI covered up the bombshell Intel pouring in from federal agents and informants. Meanwhile, bin Laden was public enemy Number One, at the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted list, yet the FBI did nothing to pursue credible intelligence he was living in Iran.

And now Mueller is investigating President Trump.

Even Barack Obama’s $151 Billion ransom paid to Iran in the form of a “nuclear deal,” freed all other American hostages held in Iranian captivity, except for Levinson.

Why? Does Levinson too know the details of the Saudi government’s secret deal with Iran to safeguard bin Laden and his al-Qaeda deputies after 9/11 in Iran?

More importantly, were efforts to bring Levinson home intentionally botched by high-ranking FBI executives? The operation was spearheaded by now-disgraced FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe who is under federal investigation in late 2013. By then James Comey had taken the reigns of the FBI from the retired Mueller.

Comey and McCabe. The FBI duo who allowed Hillary Clinton to skate, now in charge of a hostage recovery operation in Iran. One can guess how this turned out.

FBI agents said FBI bosses tampered with the Levinson rescue case and it went sideways, despite the tireless efforts of the Burea’s rank-and-file to bring him home.

Eight months after the Boston marathon bombing, FBI agents experienced problematic case meddling by FBI bosses, sources said.

Levinson is a former Drug Enforcement Administration and Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who disappeared in Iran in 2007, where he remains captive today.

U.S. officials believed Levinson was grabbed by Iranian intelligence to be dangled as a bargaining chip in sanction negotiations with Washington. After, of course, he was interrogated and likely tortured. Levinson was likely working an OP for the CIA at the time of his arrest, according to numerous public sources.

When FBI team members pitched other ways they thought they could help free Levinson from Iran, the ideas were shot down, squelched or stalled by bosses.

Now, after revelations shine a light on the U.S. intelligence agencies ignoring credible intelligence about bin Laden living in Iran — and operating al-Qaeda from Iran — are we to believe that the government didn’t leave Levinson in Iran because he knew this too? And presumably would talk about it publicly if and when he was freed and back in the United States.

More than plausible in the Deep State, where bin Laden was left free to operate al-Qaeda with the blessing of the United States’ corrupt officials after waging jihad against its citizens.

Moore’s new book, PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI In Our Pajamas, details, and documents this incredible American betrayal. Moore was targeted by the FBI while researching this story and his home was invaded by FBI agents twice, pointing guns at his young children and wife, as detailed in the book.

This new story on Levinson is developing.

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