‘Faulty Upload’ Changes Unofficial Vote Totals In AZ, Gets Fixed


An apparent “faulty upload” from a county in Arizona mistakenly changed the unofficial vote total for the 2020 presidential election on Tuesday, before the error was fixed.

According to ABC 15 data analyst Garrett Archer, Greenlee County accidentally entered more than 22,000 votes, where there were fewer than 4,000 votes. The error narrowed Democrat and former VP Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump down to 4,202 votes before it was reversed.

“Getting this in now: State…UNOFFICIAL results have Biden and Trump separated by 4,202 votes right now. This morning it was 10,377. The difference? A faulty upload from Greenlee county. They show 22,110 votes. Should be 3,723,” reported Archer on Tuesday evening.

“Stuff like this happens from time to time,” he noted. “No, the results didn’t change, no the canvass is not wrong. It will be corrected. This is why the word unofficial is in marquis letters on all state election reporting sites.” – READ MORE

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