Fauci Says ‘There Is Still Divisiveness’ Throughout the Nation Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Dr. Anthony Fauci is encouraging unity but also recognizes the social unrest spreading across the nation.

During The Hill’s “Health Reimagined: The Future of Healthcare” on Thursday, Fauci was asked what is needed to get “consistent messaging” from Washington, D.C.

Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert and member of the White House coronavirus task force, explained disagreement can be found among the different opinions of this pandemic.

“We are all in this together. One of the problems we’re facing is that in the middle of trying to fight an unprecedented historic pandemic, there is still divisiveness,” Fauci said.

He added, “There’s divisiveness politically. We can see that when we look at the different viewpoints that people take towards this. We are all in this together and we can get through this. We can be part of the solution and not part of the problem of divisiveness.” – READ MORE

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