Fate of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ being assessed by multiple radio stations after song was pulled by Ohio station


After an Ohio radio station quit playing “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” other stations in the U.S. have reportedly been tasked with determining the song’s fate in their regions.

Radio stations in Northern California and Colorado have turned to polling their listeners in order to decide what to do, USA Today reported Wednesday.

The fate of the song’s playtime comes after Cleveland station WDOK removed the tune after one listener called in and suggested that it’s not appropriate to play the 1940s classic in 2018, Fox 8 reported last week.

“It wasn’t really our decision,” WDOK host Desiray told the outlet. “It’s the decision of our listeners.”

Following the removal, San Francisco-based station 96.5 KOIT revealed on their websitethat they too had decided to do away with the song. But the decision sparked an outcry among their listeners to bring it back, they said.

“On Monday, December 3rd, 96.5 KOIT Program Director, Brian Figula, made the decision to remove ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ (from various artists) after receiving complaints from listeners, and the trending national story from Cleveland,” the station said. “After removing the song, we have received hundreds of comments on social media and via email demanding that ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ be placed back to the Christmas Playlist.” – READ MORE



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