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Fast and Furious: ICE Agent Wounded in 2011 Cartel Ambush Will Revive Litigation Against U.S. Government


Victor Avila targeting federal officials who oversaw Fast and Furious operation

A former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent who survived a 2011 Mexican drug cartel ambush that left an American officer dead is moving to resurrect litigation against the U.S. government to force the release of records that could shed light on the events leading up to the attack.

Victor Avila, who retired from ICE in 2015, has accused his supervisors of ignoring a State Department security alert that prohibited U.S. officials from traveling on a central Mexico highway, where former special agent Jaime Zapata was later killed.

Avila and the Zapata family seek to resolve why the agents, who arrived in Mexico only days prior to the attack, were sent unescorted on a notorious, gang-ridden highway to retrieve equipment from other ICE officers that Avila said could have “easily” been delivered by alternative means.


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