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Far Too Many Ballots Are Cast Before Election Day


The standard argument against widespread early voting is that it encourages many people to make their decisions without important information available to the voters who wait until Election Day. That’s really not debatable, so early-voting supporters concede the point and then say it just doesn’t matter. They note that the people most likely to cast early votes are committed partisans, immune to new facts and information. There’s surely some truth to that, but as the scale of early voting increases with each year, it must also be less and less true every year. Also, one might wonder why people who decry the rise of ideological polarization and partisanship are so eager to make it easier for hardcore partisans to vote. Comey’s bombshell is a perfect illustration of how new facts can make a hash of things. Trump is imploring people who’ve already cast their votes for Clinton to remedy their “buyer’s remorse” and switch to Trump — which is legal in six states. The problem is worse in the primaries. Voters often cast early ballots for candidates who drop out before Election Day. That’s real voter suppression. – READ MORE

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