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    Fans Noticed A Message From God In Front Of Tim Tebow


    Tim Tebow’s fans continue flocking to see his minor league baseball games. The former Denver Broncos quarterback inspires a lot of people with his athletic skill and his devotion to living a Christian life.

    A picture taken by a fan during a game between the Columbia Fireflies and the Lakewood BlueClaws appears to have a very significant message.

    Mark Migliori was at that game with his sons Gavin and Karshin. When the Heisman winner took the field, they noticed something remarkable.

    “As Tebow took the field in left, I said to my son, ‘Do you see what I see?’” the father said.

    A shadow of a large cross appeared on the field right in front of Tim Tebow. A cross is not something you normally see appearing from a shadow cast by a stadium. The significance was recognized by Migliori who took a picture.


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