Fans Burn Nike Gear in Response to Colin Kaepernick’s ‘Just Do It’ Ad Campaign


Nike Announced Its “just Do It” Ad Campaign On Monday, Featuring Former Nfl Player And Original Anthem Protester Colin Kaepernick. News Of The Campaign Comes Only Days Before The Kickoff Of The 2018 Nfl Regular Season.

However, this news was not welcome to all. Specifically, to fans who believe Colin Kaepernick has disrespected law enforcement, the military, the flag, anthem, and just about everything that makes America great.:

BAs a result, some fans took to Twitter and took out their frustrations on their Nike gear – READ MORE

President Trump on Tuesday said he thinks Nike is sending a “terrible message” by featuring NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick in its 30th anniversary “Just Do It” advertising campaign.

“I think it’s a terrible message that they’re sending and the purpose of them doing it, maybe there’s a reason for them doing it,” Trump said in an interview with The Daily Caller. “But I think as far as sending a message, I think it’s a terrible message and a message that shouldn’t be sent. There’s no reason for it.”

But Trump also acknowledged that Nike has the right to feature Kaepernick in the advertisement.

“As much as I disagree with the Colin Kaepernick endorsement, in another way — I mean, I wouldn’t have done it,” he said. “In another way, it is what this country is all about, that you have certain freedoms to do things that other people think you shouldn’t do, but I personally am on a different side of it.” – READ MORE

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