Family Sues Orlando Resort Over English-Only Warning Signs After Man Dies At Park


A family from Guatemala is suing Universal Orlando Resort, accusing the theme park of negligence because the family’s 38-year-old father died after riding a roller coaster.

The lawsuit says warning signs are displayed in English only, but that they should be multilingual to protect park goers, according to USA Today. Calderon Arana died in 2016 after riding “Skull Island: Reign of Kong.” He had prior heart problems and did not speak English, according to the lawsuit, the paper reported.

After riding the roller coaster, Arana had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital, where he died.

“Universal was aware of the great number of tourists on their premises who do not speak English,” said the lawsuit filed this month in state court in Orlando.

Outside the ride, there is a sign posted in English — with diagrams — warning riders that “people with heart conditions or abnormal blood pressure, back or neck conditions, and expectant mothers” should not ride “Skull Island,” according to the report.- READ MORE


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