Fake Fretting About ‘Fake News’ at the New York Times

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Watching the New York Times report on fake news is like getting a lecture about promiscuity from a syphilitic nun.

On Christmas Day, Jeremy W. Peters penned an article for the Times that ran under the headline “Wielding Claims of ‘Fake News,’ Conservatives Take Aim at Mainstream Media.” Its upshot is that a term once reserved for confabulated clickbait has been “appropriated” by conservatives for the sake of discrediting legitimate news that threatens their interests.

“In defining ‘fake news’ so broadly and seeking to dilute its meaning, they are capitalizing on the declining credibility of all purveyors of information, one product of the country’s increasing political polarization,” Peters writes. “And conservatives, seeing an opening to undermine the mainstream media, a longtime foe, are more than happy to dig the hole deeper.” – READ MORE

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