‘Fair Wage’ Pizza Parlor Touting ‘Economic Justice’ Shuts Down, Lays Off Staff Due to Low Profits


A “fair wage” pizza shop in Boston touting “economic justice” will close its doors after failing to make a profit.

The Boston Globe reports that Dudley Dough, which is billed as a pizza parlor “with a purpose,” will close in a few months after two years in business because the shop could not make any money after paying its employees above-market wages.

“The challenge for Dudley Dough was to support itself,” said Bing Broderick, executive director of the nonprofit Haley House, which oversees the shop.

Despite the pizzeria’s mission-oriented business plan, its mission to pay employees more combined with the added expenses of culinary and leadership training for its employees backfired as the additional costs made it hard for them to beat the competition.

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