Fact Check: WaPo Falsely Claims Memos Prove James Comey Did Not Leak Classified Information


The far-left Washington Post is falsely claiming that the release of the James Comey memos “bolsters” the case that the disgraced former FBI director did not leak classified information. In reality, the exact opposite is true.

WaPo’s Philip Bump, whose documented credibility problems have even caught the attention of the New York Times, is using straight up falsehoods in an attempt to exonerate Comey, while falsely painting President Donald Trump as a liar.

There are seven memos. Per Comey’s own intermediary, Comey leaked four of them to him. And now we know that “More than half of the memos former FBI Director James Comey wrote as personal recollections of his conversations with President Trump about the Russia investigation have been determined to contain classified information, according to interviews with officials familiar with the documents.”

WaPo’s painful attempt to exonerate Comey actually contradicts itself. Hidden beneath a misleading headline that reads “The Comey memos bolster his claim that he didn’t leak classified information,” and nearly ten paragraphs of the left-wing Bump attacking Trump, WaPo is actually forced to admit Comey did in fact leak classified information:

In July of last year, Fox News reported that Richman had told them that he had received four memos from Comey. (It appears to be the only outlet to have reported this.) Slate theorizes that this is why Republicans wanted the memos to be released: After all, if four of the seven memos included classified information (as was known before Thursday’s release), then, if he received four documents, Richman must have received at least one document that was classified. The release of the memos, though, make clear that the memo which we know Comey gave to Richman wasn’t classified. Slate asked Richman to clarified [sic] what he had received, without response; they speculate that perhaps Richman received four pages of documents.

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