Fact-Check: Is the NRA Really in Decline?


Axios Ran A Story On November 27 Presenting The Nra As In Decline And Suffering Financially Because Of It.

Axios reported, “The NRA’s total income in 2017 dropped by nearly $55 million, with the agency reporting $312 million compared to the $367 million it made in 2016.” They added, “A sharp decline in membership dues and contributions are largely responsible for the dip.”

They credited the Daily Beast with breaking the news, but did not bother explaining the other details the Daily Beast revealed. For example, Axios did not mention the Daily Beast’s observation that 2017 finances were closer to those of 2015. And that makes sense, as both 2017 and 2015 were non-election years.

The NRA’s Andrew Arulanandam spoke to Breitbart about the matter, saying, “The NRA has approximately 5.5 million dues paying members today – the highest level ever in the history of our Association. The historical fact is nobody has fought for and produced results in defending Second Amendment rights and American values like the NRA.” – READ MORE


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