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Facebook’s ‘Fake News’ Referee Downplayed Jihad


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PolitiFact, like the Tampa Bay Times, is widely viewed by conservatives and Republicans as liberal-biased. The course downplaying jihad at Poynter indicates that Facebook’s “fact-checking” may go hard against news stories that take a tough view on radical Islamic terrorism conducted in the name of jihad.

“Poynter is supposed to be this great journalistic entity,” said Dan Gainor, vice president of Business and Culture at conservative media watchdog the Media Research Center. “But the reality is they have the same [media] flaws. At the core, it’s left-wing. So it’s not surprising they have a left-wing view of Islamism and how you refer to jihad.”

Gainor first noted the links between the course and Soros in a report by the Media Research Center. The course is funded by the Social Science Research Council, which received $50,000 from Soros for a course on AIDS and HIV. – READ MORE

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