Facebook Takes Fake Pence Story Viral, Crushes Truthful Conservatives


A satirical internet set that portrays itself as a branch of Fox News is making waves – and fooling readers – with a fake news posting that essentially accuses the vice president of condoning spousal abuse.

The website is called “Fox News The FB Page” and uses a logo and design that mimics the “fair and balanced” network that liberals hate.

In a posting published Sunday, the website ran a spoof news article with the headline “PENCE SOFTENS STANCE ON PORTER ABUSE ALLEGATIONS.”

“Pence has softened his comments about Porter saying his actions if true were ‘in accordance with Biblical principle’  and that women should ‘submit to their husbands as their husbands are their heads just as Jesus is head of the church.’”

“Fox News The FB Page” is a satirical site, and the American tradition is rich with political satirists making fun of politicians, sometimes cruelly, sometimes with good reason.

But the appearance of this website, combined with the minuscule attention span of far too many Facebook readers, pose a real danger that fake news like this will be taken as the real thing. In fact, the story had 4.7 thousand “likes” and had been shared almost 19,000 times by Thursday morning. – READ MORE

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