Facebook ‘Supreme Court’ Packed with Anti-Trump, Progressive Figures


Facebook has released a list of the first 20 members of its “Oversight Board,” a semi-independent body the social network is setting up that will have the power to decide whether content banned by Facebook stays banned or is restored on appeal. Members include the former editor-in-chief of the Guardian and a “human rights expert” who is part of George Soros’ Open Society project.

The 20 members announced by Facebook today include progressive, left-wing, and mainstream media figures who have been highly critical of President Trump.

One addition is Alan Rusbridger, formerly editor-in-chief of the Guardian, the U.K.’s leading left-wing newspaper.

The Oversight Board also includes Nicolas Suzor, who once said he “loved” an article comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Other members of the Oversight Board include Helle Thorning- Schmidt, former Prime Minister of Denmark for the left-wing Social Democrat party, Afia Asantewaa Asare-Kyei, a “human rights expert” who is part of George Soros’ “Open Society” network, Pamela Karlan, who worked in the civil rights division of President Obama’s Justice Department, and Evelyn Aswad, who served as director of human rights in Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

There appears to be no major Trump-supporting figures in Facebook’s list of Oversight Board members. The closest thing it has to a conservative figure is John Samples, vice president at the largely anti- Trump, Koch-funded Cato Institute. Samples appears to be a NeverTrumper. He appeared on a podcast discussing the President’s “assault on American institutions,” and has accused the President of appearing to “oppose basic ideals underpinning liberal democracy.” – READ MORE

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