Facebook Is Joining Other Masters of the Universe Invading Homes with Smart Devices


Facebook Is Joining Tech Giants Such As Amazon And Google In An Attempt To Place A Constantly Listening “home Assistant” Device In Users’ Homes.

Many expected Facebook to reveal their new “smart speakers” at their F8 developer conference, however, the company chose not to do so. Now it seems that the reason behind that decision is that they have plans to release the product in international markets before focusing on the U.S. Recent reports claim that this may be a reaction to increasing speculation in the U.S. surrounding Facebook’s user privacy and data security issues.

Sources state that the company is “mulling a plan” to release the device in international markets before bringing it to the U.S., this follows rumors that device production would begin in June and that production volume had already been cut by 20 percent from original plans. Facebook confirmed these plans to Bloomberg saying that production of the speakers was not being rushed “to ensure that they make the right trade-offs regarding user data.” – READ MORE

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