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Facebook’ Gated Boomtown Aims To Protect Wealthy Employees From Left’s Housing Policies


Facebook has just announced its plans to build an old-fashioned “company town”—except that these days, since millennials are never expected to act as if they leave college, it is called a “campus.” Facebook’s proposed Willow Campus in Silicon Valley’s Menlo Park won’t just have offices. It will have 1,500 units of housing, along with grocery stores, restaurants, and retail space, so if you work there, you may never need to leave. That either sounds nice, or kind of creepy.

In fact, these plans have already drawn some tut-tutting from those who see Facebook Town as a kind of Silicon Valley Cloud Cuckoo Land, where the elites live in blissful separation from the rest of us. A writer at The Guardian, responding to an earlier version of the plan, saw yet another sign of the tech industry’s “conscious decoupling” from the communities around it. – READ MORE




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