Facebook Considers Hiding ‘Likes’ to Protect Fragile Egos


Following Facebook’s removal of like counts on Instagram photos, the company is considering removing likes from posts on its main social media platform, to protect the feelings of its userbase.

TechCrunch reports that Facebook may soon begin hiding the like counter on posts on the sites News Feed. Instagram is testing this feature in seven countries including Canada and Brazil, showing just a few names of mutual friends who have liked certain posts rather than the entire like count on a photo. The idea behind hiding engagement levels is to stop users from comparing themselves to others and competing for likes on photos.

Hidden like counts on Facebook posts were first noticed by Jane Manchun Wong who discovered Facebook prototyping the feature in its Android app.

Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that it is considering the removal of like counts but the feature is not yet live for users. The company declined to share its results from the Instagram like hiding tests or the exact motive behind these tests. However, the testing of like removals on Facebook may indicate that the company liked the results of the Instagram tests. – READ MORE

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