Facebook asking major US banks for financial data: report


Facebook is asking major U.S. banks for financial data in order to provide more online shopping services and to track consumer spending habits, The Wall Street Journal reported.

But according to the Journal, financial institutions are reluctant to partner with the social media network over privacy concerns. One bank has reportedly pulled out of discussions with Facebook because of the issue.

The news comes as Facebook struggles to fend off concerns that arose from a privacy scandal in which a political consulting firm obtained data on 87 million users without their knowledge.

Facebook told the paper that any financial information it obtains would not be shared with third parties or used to target advertisements.

“We don’t use purchase data from banks or credit card companies for ads,” Facebook spokeswoman Elisabeth Diana told the Journal. “We also don’t have special relationships, partnerships, or contracts with banks or credit card companies to use their customers’ purchase data for ads.” – READ MORE


Facebook Banned Infowars From Its Platform, Yet Many Leftist Pages With Far Worse Content Still Remain.

Facebook’s explanation for the InfoWars ban claims that the site posts material which “glorifies violence,” and also uses “dehumanizing language.”

But the social media Masters of the Universe have made no attempt to explain why InfoWars should be banned while leftist pages with a far more explicit glorification of violence, not to mention using “dehumanizing” language towards Jews, Christians, and Americans in general, should remain and even prosper on the platform.

Among them, a page called “Kill Trump,” and dozens of global pages for the registereddomestic terrorist group Antifa, which have made unchallenged posts supporting violence.

“It’s Going Down” is one such prominent Antifa page. Beyond featuring violent imagery of President Donald Trump being attacked, it includes training and information on attacking critical infrastructure targets. “It’s Going Down” seems to be lower on Facebook’s list of “glorying violence” than InfoWars.

Infamous anti-Semite and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan also remains on the platform, with nearly one million likes, while The Young Turks, a progressive news outlet, remains despite its founder Cenk Uygur’s denial of the Armenian Holocaust.- READ MORE

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