Exposed: Wikipedia Editors Fought To Cover Up Racist Tweets by NYT’s Jeong


If you’re one of the visitors to the Wikipedia page of the newly minted New York Times editorial board member with a record of serial tweeting about the multitude of treacheries attributable to Caucasians, you’re probably looking for some background.

Not just background on her career, mind you, but background regarding the Twitter controversy.

Yet, up until very late in the game, no mention was made of Sarah Jeong’s racist tweets on her Wikipedia page. When mention did appear, it was only after a long and surprisingly heated debate over whether the most widely discussed event of Jeong’s public life should even appear on her page at all.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the particulars of how Wikipedia works, it’s run by a committee of volunteer editors who, while remaining anonymous, often grapple over controversial issues in what’s known as a “Talk Page.” In the most reductionist terms, it’s a message board in which they discuss various edits to any page.

Jeong’s Talk Page (which can be seen here) has been particularly active of late, yet the addition of the controversial tweets to her actual page was a long time in coming — something one editor noted in a portion of the discussion excerpted in The Daily Caller.

“Sarah Jeong is infamous for her racists (sic) tweets on twitter, most of the people who know her name will know her by her tweets,” the editor wrote. – READ MORE


The New York Times said it vetted her social-media history before Sarah Jeong was hired last week, which means the newspaper was presumably aware of her “Trump is Hitler” tweets.

After announcing her hiring last week, the newspaper came under heated criticism for bringing on an opinion writer whose numerous racially charged social-media statements include “dumba— f–ing white people” and “#CancelWhitePeople,” both from 2014. – READ MORE


On Friday, CNN’s Don Lemon held a panel discussion regarding Sarah Jeong’s anti-white tweets. During the panel, Lemon and Democratic strategist Symone Sanders had the following exchange about racism:

Over time, the progressive movement has carefully augmented the definition of racism so as to protect individuals who share their political and social beliefs from ever being labeled a racist.

While Merriam-Webster defines racism as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race,” progressives add to this definition a dynamic of power.- READ MORE

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