Experts tried to prove conservative numbers on illegal immigration wrong – and were shocked (VIDEO)


A new study is casting doubt on the traditional statistic cited by experts about the number of illegal aliens who reside in the U.S., and it says it might be as much as twice as many.

When most experts debate the issue of illegal immigration and what to do about it, they generally accept the figure of 11.3 million persons present in the U.S. illegally.

But the new Yale-affiliated study says that might be drastically underestimating the number, and it could be as high as 22 million.

The researchers said they were attempting to give a “reality check” on the statistic they considered to be aiding a conservative political agenda.- READ MORE

Border Patrol agents in Arizona discovered nearly 200 illegal immigrants in a remote desert area Sunday – the third major discovery over the last month.

Ajo Station agents patrolling several miles west of Lukeville Port found 102 illegal immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and 91 illegal immigrants from the same area hours later, authorities said Wednesday. Most were traveling with families, while at least 11 children were unaccompanied.

The 193 illegal immigrants were medically evaluated and transported to Ajo Station to be processed for immigration violations. – READ MORE

President Trump and congressional leaders have agreed to a border wall funding showdown after the upcoming November midterm elections and if he plays his cards right, it could result in $5 billion, more than twice what the White House initially sought.

While appropriations bills are moving at the fastest pace in over 20 years, with many expected to be approved by Oct. 1, the start of the fiscal year, Homeland Security funding for the wall is likely to be delayed, said officials.

Plans are already underway to approve temporary, “stopgap,” funding that will cover Homeland until its new spending is approved after the wall funding fight.

However, in a good sign for the White House, the Senate has already locked in the $1.6 billion Trump sought this year in wall construction funding in a bipartisan vote and it will be included in the stopgap bill. – READ MORE

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