EXCUSIVE: TOP Brokerage House Asking Account Holders COVID-19 & Medical Questions Before They Release 401K Funds


Listen to “Ep. 24 — REVEALED: The Government is Playing You Like a Fiddle, The Interview You Can’t Afford to Miss to Navigate Post-Pandemic America” on Spreaker.

Brokerage and finance giant Fidelity Investments is putting investors through the medical ringer before they release funds, according to shocking revealtions on the Thomas Paine Podcast Ep. 24. Paine, who worked in finance for Citi, said this practice is likely illegal and highly unethical. What questions is Fidelity peppering their account holders with to “self verify” before they can get to their own money? It’s truly unbelievable. Listen Above.

“Your medical history is protected by federal laws and HIPAA and financial institutions have no right to ask you to waive those rights in order to get money that is yours,” Paine said. “Sadly, no one in D.C. gives a crap about you getting hung out to dry so you really need to protect yourself from this type of predatory behavior. Listen and learn how.”

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