EXCLUSIVE — TOP FEDS: ‘Not a Coronavirus that came from a Bat’ — “Something Much Worse”


Top law enforcement brass in the United States are throwing gasoline on the Coronavirus fire, saying the Bureau and law enforcement agencies have developed intelligence that counters the ‘official’ narrative that COVID-19 originated from a bat, as widely reported by just about every media and government outlet from here to Beijing.

In fact, the contagion that has locked down the United States might not even be a coronavirus, as detailed by top fed insiders on the Thomas Paine Podcast. This might be a key reason why the best medical professionals in the world are struggling to treat and remedy what has been reported as a virus, using treatment guidelines established for corona-viruses. Listen below

What is it then? “This could be something much worse and they may have been treating really the wrong strain/thing,” a top federal official told Paine. The question: How do top FBI & Intel officials know more than what we’re being told by the White House, CDC, and politicians? And did anyone let the medical doctors know they should be treating patients for a likely pathogen, not a coronavirus? Listen Below

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